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ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ - The Borough of Atlantic Highlands has issued the following public health announcement:

The Borough has received numerous calls regarding the large population of mosquito’s throughout the Borough. We understand that this issue can ruin the enjoyment of outdoor activities like sports, picnics, fishing, walking or just relaxing. Borough representatives have met with an Inspector from the Monmouth County Mosquito Commission who explained that we are experiencing conditions that are ripe for Mosquito, Nat and Bee infestation.

Therefore, we are requesting that all residents participate in helping to reduce the insects by checking and emptying buckets, kiddie pools, watering cans, pet dishes, flower pots, plastic tarps, bird baths, wheel-barrows, garden and pond fountains, garbage cans, recycling containers, holes in the base of basketball net posts, round metal fence posts, etc. Make sure your screens are in good repair and don’t forget about keeping your pets safe from the mosquito bite.

Information and further guidance on the “best practices” and “solutions” to limit mosquito’s can be found on our web site at www.ahnj.com

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