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Books Sandwiched In featured speaker Jack Graybill at the March 7 meeting.  In his children’s book The Monster Gets a Hug and a Kiss, Mr. Graybill tells how Merry and her daddy put their heads together to get rid of the monster in her closet.  Based on a true story, The Monster Gets a Hug and a Kiss portrays one child overcoming her fear in a delightful story for readers.

Jack Graybill speaks to Books Sandwiched In at the Atlantic Highlands Public Library.

Jack Graybill is a retired teacher who has taught in both public and private schools.  He holds a master’s degree in history from Columbia University.  During the Korean War he served in the US Navy on board a destroyer minelayer.  Besides writing, Graybill enjoys gardening, biking and hiking.  The Monster Gets a Hug and a Kiss is Jack Graybill’s second book.  Books Sandwiched In meets the first Monday of the month at Noon at the Atlantic Highlands Library – currently residing in the Firemen’s Field House at 48 Avenue C.  Bring your bagged lunch.  Bring friends.  Contact: Marie Gabrielson: 732-291-5803 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.