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 sculpture, "Endless Possibilities through Reading,"

SHREWSBURY, NJ - First two sections of the sculpture, "Endless Possibilities through Reading," were completed Wednesday as the two Indiana limestone pieces of the book created by sculptor Franco Minervini were lifted and adhered by the Harry H. Gordon Studios, LLS firm of Lambertville. When completed the sculpture's five pieces will depict the book surrounded by a circle showing the endless possibilities libraries offer and is in place on the Route 35 side of the Eastern Branch of the Monmouth County Library.

The sculpture was made possible through a bequest from the late Charles Raffetto. The finished work is expected to be completed before the end of the week and formal dedication ceremonies will be held later this summer. Freeholder LIllian Burry, the liaison to the library from the  Board of Freeholders, was present with Miniervini for the completion of the work which weighs approximately four ton.