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Do you know why Middletown is allowed to host this “procession”?  I replied to the original announcement on the Middletown NJ Town Hall facebook page asking how it is in compliance with Governor Murphy’s executive order 107? Their FB page administrator removed that announcement and put up another.

While they call for social distancing how do they intend to enforce it? Under E.O. 107 there are 9 reason why someone should leave their home. Putting signs out on the road and lining a major thoroughfare is not one of them.

I'm all for honoring a soldier returning from war but not this way, not in the middle of a pandemic. The meeting point is at town hall, more than 10 people will gather. The end of the procession is at the soldiers house, more than 10 people will gather. The men who will drive the fire truck escort will gather at the firehouse before and after. Mayor Perry told a reporter from the APP that there will be members of the  Howell Twp PD in attendance to ride motorcycles in the procession. Not only is this luring Middletown residents from their home but now people from other towns are attending.

How is this “stay home, so you don't bring it home”? Please help in what ever way you can to shut this down.


Regina Mackiewicz
Middletown, NJ

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