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Governor Murphy,  It would seem timely and certainly relevant to request your support and advocacy for New Jersey Nurse Practitioners. They are putting themselves in harm’s way and some are now dying. They are not only doing the exact same job as the physicians but now they are dying for it too because that is part of their scope of practice

It is time to advance beyond the petty roadblocks from the AMA and lobbyists with financial agendas.  It is time to override those who have struck down Bill A854. In fact, all NPs in the state of NJ irrespective of years’ experience - all nurse practitioners are currently licensed and certified by your state to practice safely now ... and NOW, in this time of crisis is when all NPs should be granted full scope of practice.

As a matter of respect, honor and appreciation for the Nurse Practitioners who have proven their commitment and investment to the people of New Jersey, please consider advocating for the nurses who are out there today putting their lives on the line for you and your family. 

We thank Governor Cuomo for his decisive and commanding rule to pass full scope of practice for all New York nurses who are putting their lives on the frontline now and we are asking you to officiate the same honor to the nurse practitioners of New Jersey. Please expand and pass Bill A854 in these historical times.     


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