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How much do we spend to get a country of hamburger flippers?  We should be helping them find interesting and productive careers.

All students when the leave or finish high school should be required to serve up to 3 months working in government service.  While there, they could be tested to determine their educational, physical, and mental health needs.

This government service work should be away from their home and local community.  Jobs could be in the Forestry Service, hospitals, hursing homes, libraries and schools where their tutoring skills are needed.

Some may need to learn personal financial skills (budgeting, savings accounts, charge accounts, insurance, loans, leases and bankruptcy.)

Living on your own is a real test and opportunity for most young people. They need this time away from family and friends.  If they grew up in the city, then rural life may be interesting.

Learning public service jobs like volunteer firemen or volunteer ambulance service work.  It's important for them to realize they have a community responsibility.


David Hermanson

Middletown, NJ


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