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As a 22 year old, I cannot imagine how unfair it would be for the beauty of our great state to not be experienced by those growing up later on. We are at the brink of ensuring an environment that may be devoid of flourishing wildlife and vegetation, clean air and water, and quality health by not deciding to cut back on damage to our environment.

Pollution and waste amount to incremental and irreversible change; we need to rectify the way we handle these issues. We have a variety of ways to bring this change; one recommendation is to write a letter to your law makers for action on climate related legislation.

Write to your assembly members and senators to vote for a state-wide plastic bag ban under the upcoming bills #S2776/A4330 today. Urging your district’s representatives to separate ourselves from fossil fuel dependent plastic bag creation will protect our ecosystems from destruction and instill sustainable infrastructure.


Brian Ray
New Jersey Student Sustainability Coalition

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