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At a special meeting  on December 6, the  plan for Middletown's $100 million dollar (!) town hall was finally  discussed in the small town hall conference room.

I read that 30 people stood in that room and in the hall for two hours, trying to hear.

Pictures clearly show the arrogance of the township committee, with citizens having to stand for two hours, while they themselves sat on their comfortable fat chair cushions! At least one woman complained about the result on her aching back.

Disabled and older people with bad backs or other problems were discriminated against! As a noted advocate also observed, there may have been intent, as an uncomfortable audience may not be able to listen as well, or may have to leave early.

What happened violates the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The township committee  should have scheduled or moved the meeting to the empty large courtroom, especially with a big turnout expected for this hot topic.


Carolyn Schwebel

Leonardo, N.J.


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