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David Prown

The title tells it all.

Disgruntled military vet uses cunning and learned skills to becomes an successful bank robber in the Boston Area.  Played by the talented and likeable Liam Neson, “Tom” earns  the nickname the “ “In & Out Bandit” for his clever robbery techniques.

After nearly a decade on this career path, he meets his soul mate (Annie - played by Kate Walsh - very recognizable).  Honest Tom, to put his background to bed and have a clear slate for a long future with Annie, he contacts the feds to turn himself in.

He wants to confess in full & returning all the $ in return for a light sentence, in a low security prison with benefits & in a geographical  proximity to love of his life.

Once the 2 initial lower level FBI agents, get their hands on some of the returned money, they both turn bad and predictable. Then the chase begins as the agents want to kill the “Honest Thief” to cover their tracks but the seasoned thief has plenty of tricks to turn the table.

Story moves along and we know where it is going.  Not many actors besides Liam Neeson could pull this off sort of superficial role but the audience likes and roots for him to do the right thing and begin his quiet, happy life with the spunky, likeable Annie. 


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