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david prown 120I adore sports and especially sports movies.  I don’t care if it is fiction or not. I don’t care if has a “Disney-Ending” or a rough one.  I just can’t get enough of (and never miss) sports themed movies.

When I saw the previews for the new basketball movie “The Way Back” starring a “filling out like me” Ben Affleck, I was all in.  No clues if it was a true story or not, but sure insinuated a Hoosiers-like rags to riches film and I was going.

I know that Ben Affleck is far removed from his cinderella story days as a young, handsome, surging movie star.  And know too real life has hit home

With a celebrity marriage (Jennifer Garner) that fell apart and some pretty public news reports of his battles with alcohol.

Marriage issues, mid-life issues and alcohol play a big role in the life of this local hoops legend,Jack Cunningham, following his stellar HS career.  Down on his luck, he was brought back to coach an off the grid team and magic began. But his demons are his demons and we learn the genesis of his slide.  

The movie just worked and love that it DID NOT have a home run ending. 

They sure casted the right lead 


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