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david prown 120“1917” is a WW1 war film with a ton of pre-Oscar buzz. Previews have been in the theatres for awhile and they did NOTHING for me.  The story line seemed so clear... British military captain needs to find 1-2 soldiers to literally “run” a suicide mission across enemy lines to get a message to the 

Captain of another British Division that their imminent attack/invasion is a trick/set-up by the Germans.

The younger innocent brother,  of an officer in the targeted division, is chosen for “the run” and picks a buddy to join him...and off they go… That is essentially the story line.

But the camera work, camera angle, the colors, the sound track, the sets were INCREDIBLE!  Visually captivating that can only be fully embraced on the big screen.  The lighting in the night scenes were a little almost over the top (almost like a dream sequence) - the amazing bright lighting was not explained (To consistent to be from a true fire or a gun fight).

Excellent, impressive and unique..but somewhat forgettable - not the movie of the year to me at all but very happy I saw it.


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