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david prown 120It feels odd to enjoy a movie so much that was based on a huge tragedy. “Hotel Mumbai” was based on the horrific 4 day terrorist attack on this city of the same name (formerly Bombay) in 2008.

This movie gets right into it as 10 young jihadist male terrorists led by the unknown and unexplained “Brother Bull” who directed the attack a dozen sites in this packed city via tele-communications.

The attacks are all very well planned and executed yielding maximum damage,injury & death via Firearms and grenades.

The terrorists rendezvous take off the iconic 5 star world famous Taj Mahal Hotel to increase the worldwide optics while identifying and holding hostages especially caucasians and CEO's.

The heroes of this true story are the head chef Anupam Kher of “New Amsterdam” TV show fame and Dev Patel of “Lion” & “Slumdog Millionaire” movie fame, who play 2 amazingly loyal, calm and heroic hotel employees.

Fascinating at the end of the movie they celebrated the good news the hotels quick rebound to fame, glory and their guests while providing zero sensationalism to the injury/death count by not measuring At all.

 Extremely well done thriller based on true event.