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david prown 120Had been quite a number of months since seen the preview for this movie “Capernaum” (Chaos). That preview was riveting showing the incredible relationship between a pre-teen boy of the streets caring for an unrelated 1 year old of a difference heritage. Had to see this flick and happy it popped up locally (though suspect it will not be around for long...I was the only person in the theatre).

Loved how this film totally took me away and when I stepped out of the theatre I practically had to slap myself in the pace to remind myself that I was no longer in ravaged Lebanon.

1st half of the movie stars lead/pre-teen ZAIN as the most mature and street wise member of his immensely poor family. Sort of abusive low life mother and father with many children living in poverty who tie babies by their ankles to prevent them from walking off and barter his very close slightly older (like 13) sisterto the landlord for rent.

2nd half of this film we watch a furious Zain who has left home furious at his parents to find something better. Tremendously poor and living on the edge, he encounters a similarly struggling single undocumented Mom with a 1 year old son. This highly loving Mom is barely surviving in a most difficult world to feed, cloth her son and live. She entrusts Zain to watch son many hours a day while she works till she gets arrested.

The relationship & interplay and mannerisms of Zain and Yonas (the 1 year old) is incredible. There is no way to write a script to witness what we witnessed. It was so pure, honest was like we were watching a true live relationship.

Somewhere wrapped in here, Zain stabs somebody, goes to jail and sues his parents for being born. The court case plays a small role in the film but speaks to his anger and legitimate claim.

Zain always speaks his mind and has remarkable clarity and understanding of the people he encounters. Totally street smart & fearless of whomever he encounters (which is mostly bad people) gives him amazing survival skillss

Remarkable film with sub-titles