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david prown 120The black-and-white film "Roma" has caused quite a buzz during this awards season as the major movie theaters have refused to show this Netflix produced film. Yet it is being recognized by most everybody as one of the years best.

Set in Mexico and following a year in the life of young Cleo (maybe 20)  who is a unemotional household domestic in a more affluent Mexican family. This was no doubt a movie I really wanted to see do to my near 30+ year affiliation with the Latino community combined with an excellent buzz.

Features plenty of sadness in the life of Miss Cleo but also sadness in the family that she cares for with their 4 children; a somewhat off kilter mom; and a dad that has run off with a another woman.

Nearly all the women in this film carry burden and sadness regardless  of age and socio-economic level. At the same time, the 2 leading males in this film are absolute schmucks!

Not a complicated story at all and easy to follow. Exceptionally well done and maybe captivating the various awards committees due to the uniqueness of the story line put on the big screen.

* Movie ends out of the blue yet works nicely. 
* FYI Sub-titled so sit back a bit.



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