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david prown 120So there was little promotion/previews about "The Hate U Give" nor did the title tell me anything about the flick. Hence this film was lower on my "must watch" list. However when saw on Fandago while superficially scrolling thru movie offerings, this movie caught my eye due to a 96% review.

I went blindly to the film with no clues about the film at all...HAPPY I DID.

In this unfortunate world of significant political angst and serious race issues, this film is going to really connect with some and others will ...Yes Hate it.

Stars the young and talented Amandia Stenberg who totally owns her role as Starr Carter as an African American teenage navigating, quite successfully 2 totally different worlds. She is raised exquisitely by 2 seeming different but like minded and very focused/involved parents who have been guiding on her journey shince her earliest of days. Starr is grows up in the home neighborhood while schooling at a cross town, upper - crust, predominantly white private school.

The films clarity of growing up in an African American in 2 worlds from both the eyes of the Starr and the raising of her by her parents was SUPER POWERFUL. I won't think for a second that "I understand" but I could feel the "pain" of the difficulty.

Former Rapper and now very impressive actor "Common" plays an Uncle as well as a ranking police officer in the community. There is one amazing scene when seemingly innocent Starr, now hardened by being a 1st hand witness to a shooting of her unarmed teenage African American friend by a white officer, confronts her Uncle with a scenario with a raw, insightful and shocking scenario/confrontation.

This is a hard, powerful, not easy to watch race and hate filled film. I thought it was TERRIFIC!!!! Totally got inside me and has stayed with me. Gets a "A" from me to.