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david prown 120Though a registered independent, have always followed politics at all different levels. The much hyped and awarded year end release of “Vice” featuring a most transformed Christian Bale looked like a very strong film.

When the opening on screen intro to the film included the use of the “F-Bomb," I thought “uh-oh”.

This movie was a piece of crap because it was a combination of fact and fiction to a virtual comedic standpoint which I didn’t see coming at all. At some point in the middle of the film, they ended it and started running the credits and said the highly unathletic Dick Cheney was going spend the rest of his life running Ironman races….HUH???

At that point, I had no clues of the veracity of any scenes/info in “Vice”. What a waste of my money. Did some research when I got home on this film as I was so pissed.

Then I saw the movie had just received 6 Golden Globe nominations including Best Motion Picture ….. In the Musical or Comedy category. What a joke!!! I really wanted a refund.

D (and I’m being nice)