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david prown 120Scanning the movie selections a few weeks ago and saw a film called "Searching" that I knew nothing about yet had a 90% positive rating.

Raised my eyebrows but moved on thinking maybe it got somewhat artificial high #'s due to just a few reviews from supporters.

Fast forward and recently had an open slot and saw this movie again STILL with a 90% + favorable rating…now it had my attention.

Early on we learn that teenager Margot, lone child of Dan and Pam Kim who has seemingly very happy and fulfilled childhood living in California Tragedy strikes and soon Dan is a widower and Margo has 1 parent.

Margot and Dad move on and mostly communicate via text, Facetime and cell phone which sets the seen when she "disappears" with lots of questions from run away to a kidnapping or other possiblilities.

The magic of this movie was the twists and turns of the investigation combined with father's use of the computer/social media to uncover new leads was jaw dropping. This was a heck of an entertaining movie that was made sans sex, violence and language clean. We lived all the parental angst thru Dad Dan's words, body language and facial expression.

This "who dunnit" featured a very tightly knitted script and story that evolved all around non famous/distracting actors. Fascinating that we view the film thru the eyes of a smart phones and computer screens and doesn't distract at all… maybe even makes it better.

Nice to see Debra Messing back on the big screen in a meaty role.

Fully understand and endorse the 90%+ rating..really clever, fun , smart and engaging movie. Excellent entertainment