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david prown 120"Black Klansman" has been very critically I was going to and then decided NOT to google the "BlacKkKlansman" movie to learn if if was based on a true story. I enjoyed this film so much that I didnt want anything to pop my bubble.

Starring the incredibly engaging black rookie police officer Ron Stallworth played perfectly by (unknown to me John David Washingtgon) and his caucasian police officer of the same name (for the sting) played solidly by the well known Adam Driver (no relation to Mini).

Love seeing movies with fresh story lines and maybe some hints of realism as the philosophically scary and nationally known David Dukes character has a strong role (Played by the excellent Topher Grace)

Set in the early 70 seemingly just post-Vietnam war, The music, the wardrobe, the jargon, the colors along with Black Power movements and a hint towards the hippies of the US, "BlacKkKlansman" really worked on the big screen.

130 minutes long and was a home run. Highly acclaimed and so well deserved. well well made film. Director Spike Lee did a heck of a job… super good film!