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david prown 120Having not gotten to the theatre for a couple of weeks enjoying the much delayed nice weather, it was time to get back to the movies. I didn't want to miss a trick so a nap and 5 hour energy were part of the pre- film preparation.

"Crazy Rich Asians" got a heck of buzz and media love so worked hard to keep my head in the sand and not here a snippet about this film.

Nonetheless, I had a pretty good idea of the story line and the interesting opening vignette showing a degree of racism towards an Asian family that got my attention.

Then the predictability of this highly touted film took over but didn't work for me.  Simply reminded me of the "Dallas" and "Dynasty" from 20-30 years ago where universe families of ridiculous $, questionable loyal, parental control, the sanctity of the family name, social status etc.

while totally rebuffing "outsiders".

I'm sure similar films have been made within other cultures and folks this just wasn't very compelling.  Nice film, very much enjoyed the kindness and true love of the leads but the rest of the cast/storyline was predictable.  Enjoyed the culture of the film and the script..nope