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david prown 120Never was a Mission impossible fan growing up but probably have seen all 6 of the Tom Cruise movie versions over the last 20 years. Don't ask me to differentiate/remembe any particular scene or story line. It is simply one giant entertaining blur.

Mission Impossible Fallout (#6) melds right into the same track of 150 bang bang minutes of action action action. Cruise leads the IMF (don't ask) on an another amazing adventure to save the world (all over the world) as the clock ticks down battling endless uber Bad guys.

This movie is exhausting in the sense that they say a cat has 9 lives…Ethan Hunt (Cruise) has 109!!! Gets into impossible situations and always escapes/saves the day.

Story line gets confusing either because I'm old and/or I don't recall how the said story line or characters tie into earlier films. I feel it didn't miss much not being able to deal with each.

No doubt this PG-13 plays to all ages and segments and is on track to easily be a blockbuster. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen for mindless fun.

Strap in and get ready for a wild ride.


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