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david prown 1201st to admit that I was a little too old to watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood TV show and then was a teaser the show and the lead it/himself.

I clearly had zero appreciation this brilliant creative lover of children and the sensitive understanding of youth development/learning/feelings and more.

I was totally transfixed by this film/documentary of "seriously" this American hero .  After 1st raising my primary family and now raising a grandchild, I have a total new appreciation of this theologian turned child development savant for 30 years from the the 60's till early 2000's,

"Won't You Be My Neighbor" movie rocked! Fred Rogers was sincere a gentleman with zero skeletons in his closet (was married forever and raised

2 boys) and was skewered a bit on TV on shows like SNL etc.  Thank goodness, social media wasn't around then. He would of been skewered 100 fold just because he as so different.

He was his quiet, gentle, educational lessons to the youth reflecting societal issues were amazing!!!  He gave graceful lessons, thru his many puppet characters on important subjects from divorce, to racism to assassinations and much more.

Stunned me how good this film/he was - total blind side.  If you appreciate the complexities of children, his intuitive understanding of them is simply special beyond words.