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david prown 120Maybe I saw the 1st of the Ocean's 11 robbery trilogy with George Clooney but it sure didn't stick with me or inspire me to view the subsequent films.

However a powerhouse cast led by Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Dakota Fanning and Helena Bonham Carter got my undivided attention.

This was a terrifically well cast film, and outside of "the dress" designer played by Ms. Carter, the others had meaty roles that showcased smart, powerful, clever determined women. Together they combine their "skill sets"

to steal a $150 million dollar necklace.

Conversely, when the male supporting actors landed on the screen, including the always likable James Corden, I found the energy of the film dramatically down-shifted.

This movie is void of sex, violence and bad language…what a concept. Just give us a fun, good story line; support with excellence actors and a tight script, folks will come out and enjoy.

In fact, those of us movie lovers who have dreaded the endless sea of comic book, super hero, sci-fi films that have overwhelmed 2018, a good sound solid fun film I'm sure will turn out audience #'s to root on these lady heisters.

Under 2 hours so that worked for me and just a fun light flick


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