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david prown 120I'm a self-professed big time Miles Teller fan. He just has a most fascinating near baby face combined with interesting facial scars. He is a big-time who was magnificent as the supporting actor in last weeks "Only The Brave" major releaseā€¦.and now this masterpiece 1 week later - Wow!!

Too young to be drafted and raised in a non-military family, I have no first-hand experiences or comprehension of the horror and bravery of war. But I absolutely felt an obligation to go to this movie, which was based on a true story, in a sense to say my own personal thank you to those that serve.

Really didn't have an idea what direction this film was going to go and saw some less than stellar review %'s. This movie absolutely blew me away. The rawness of the scripts and the characters simply swallowed me up.

The story follows the lives of four immensely close friends who served together in the hell hole of Iraq.

We follow their return here to the U.S. and their immense difficulties, hurdles and obstacles in adjusting to every aspect of their normal American lives.

Sadly, for all of them, their relationship with the war and each other was vastly deeper than their relationships with loved ones.

They created this uber tough game face/persona to survive the ravages of war. Taking off ones game face once returning home proves exceedingly difficult.

Last weeks major new release "Only The Brave" was immensely powerful and emotional. That film was produced with some side vignettes that allowed the audience to relax and catch ones breath. No such luck in "Thank You for Your Service". Imagine being on a beach with the tide coming in and it never recedesā€¦that is how I felt watching this film.

Heart-wrenching to watch these heroes go to the VA hospital for services only to witness all the road blocks. With their agency not being their for them and being a disconnected to home life, they totally connect and escape with each other..

I have really seen a lot of good movies of late (after a hellacious first 9 months) and they keep getting better and better. I found this movie immensely engaging while at the same time deeply saddening and impactful. Arguably, so far my movie of the year.