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david prown 120I remember a heck of a lot of media coverage and poignant tributes regarding the Granite Mountain Hotshot tragedy in 2013. This 134 minute tense and powerful film totally capture these amazingly brave heroic forest fire fighters and the tragic ending for 19 of them at the Yarnell Hill, AZ fire.

The filming of "Only The Brave" grabs to right out your seat and you can feel the heat, the fear, the elements and so much more. Josh Brolin owns this film as the "supe" (supervisor) the Hotshots. His brilliance of reading the terrain, the fire itself, the weather, the degree of burnable brush and more in reading these forest fires and minimizing the damage, injuries and death.

On the heels of the MAJOR California forest fires earlier this month only added to the importance and respect of true heroes. One of my earliest memories in life was seeing some pictures in a book of forest fighters and thinking that is what I wanted to do when I grow up. Of course never did, but was in the back of my mind for a long time and hence film dug a little deeper for me

Besides Brolin, cast includes such pro's as Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connelly Andie MacDowell and more makes this quite an exceptional film. But clearly Brolin dominates this film whether leads his men or interfacing with his wife.

The action and tension is rich with emotion and just owns you. I don't like movies over 2 hours and some of the side stories definitely could have been eliminated. However, during these candidly sort of boring sections (compared to the amazing the action sequences), i think was included to give the audience a chance to relax/rest for the next riveting scene.

The power and speed of these forest fires flying over the landscape leaves one speechless. Rated PG-13, this is a very clean movie with sex/violence/drugs non-existent. I would definite bring teens to this
PG-13 film. I think "Only The Brave" will have excellent word of mouth and do well at the box office.

19 of the legendary Hot Shots died in maybe the worst way possible and to know their was a lone survivor is one super possible piece.
Highly recommend this really powerful film…this one will stick me for quite awhile.

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