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Anne Mikolay

The Christmas season, despite its beauty and sentiment, isn’t joyous for everyone. For those who have recently lost loved ones, there’s sadness everywhere. Everything hurts. The festive lights and the lovely Christmas trees seemingly accentuate our loss and widen the empty spaces within us. The holiday memories are too poignant to indulge. As I have sadly learned during the past few years, there is very little that will assuage such grief. There is, however, momentary comfort to be found in whatever speaks to your heart. With this in mind, I offer the following simple words to those who are missing loved ones this holiday season, and I acknowledge with much compassion the very many empty chairs around America’s holiday tables this year. For those who mourn, may your grieving hearts be blessed with peace this holiday season and healing in the new year. God bless and keep you.


If Christmas is Hard

By - Lorna Gibson


If Christmas is hard,

If you’ve lost someone dear,

Just look in your heart,

And you’ll know they’re still here.

The star in the sky,

The light falling snow,

The robin outside,

It seems like they know.

If this is a time,

When you’re struggling through,

Just do what you can,

For what matters, is you.

There’s no need to be merry,

There’s no need to be bright.

Just do what you can,

It will all be alright.


Missing You at Christmas

By - Unknown


Every day without you,

Since you had to go,

Is like summer without sunshine,

And winter without snow.

I wish that I could talk to you,

There’s so much I would say.

Life has changed so very much

Since you went away.

I miss the bond between us,

And I miss your kind support.

You’re in my mind and in my heart

And every Christmas thought.

I’ll always feel you close to me,

And though you’re far from sight,

I’ll search for you among the stars

That shine on Christmas night.

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