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anne mikolay 2018“Bizarro World,” a fictional planet featured in DC Comics in the 1960s, has evolved in popular culture to refer to a situation which is oddly turned upside down or opposes the norm. The phrase is presently apropos; Americans are firmly entrenched in a “Bizarro World,” where truth is subjective, friends become foes, and reality is skewed.

Truth is that which is proven by fact; fact is verifiable by evidence. You can believe the earth is flat, but scientific evidence, truth, proves the earth is round. Thus, if your belief persists despite the evidence, you’re wrong. Nowadays, when everyone insists on “speaking their truth,” you could say your belief in the earth’s flatness is your truth, but your truth would fly in the face of evidence, and you’d still be wrong.

If you believe Donald Trump walks a straight and narrow path, your truth flies in the face of evidence presented by the Mueller Report.

The Mueller Report, supplemented by Robert Mueller’s subsequent letter to Attorney General Barr, indicates substantial evidence of obstruction of justice by the President of the United States. Despite Attorney General Barr’s summation of the Mueller Report, the President’s calculated claim of “total exoneration,” and Republicans’ protestations (Senator Lindsey Graham, Sarah Sanders, et al), the facts in the Mueller Report are indisputable. Donald Trump can insist on speaking “his truth,” but in this case, his truth is as real as his tan. The bottom line: either you accept the truth of the matter, or you don’t. If you don’t, you are either willfully rejecting the evidence, or you simply don’t care if the President of the United States obstructs justice.

And that is more troubling than the Mueller Report itself. Why don’t more people care about the moral fiber of our leaders? Intelligent, decent people are yielding to proven liars and surrendering to snake charmers who consistently flip our nation’s moral compass. Our political climate is undeniably volatile; we currently reside in “Bizarro World,” where one too many have fallen prey to a cult of personality and can no longer make clear judgments. Wake up and smell the Kool-Aid, people! Think for yourself! Review the evidence with fresh eyes; listen with open ears!

Remember: Evidentiary truth is not subjective.


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