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anne mikolay 2012 120President Donald Trump has proven he is inept at communication. As I previously stated, Trump neither says what he means nor means what he says.

In his recent condolence call to Myeshia Johnson, widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of the four troops killed during a mission in Niger earlier this month, the President reportedly said Sgt. Johnson “knew what he signed up for...but when it happens, it hurts anyway.” Adding insult to injury, when speaking to Sgt. Johnson’s widow, the President neglected to mention the fallen soldier by name.

If we apply logic to Trump’s statement, we can decipher his meaning. The implications of joining the military are clear, but as Trump clumsily pointed out, despite this knowledge, the injury or the loss of a soldier “hurts anyway”. Just as acknowledging the risks inherent in military duties is not preparation for loss, an off-the-cuff condolence call from an absent-minded POTUS is not a comfort.

Clearly, Donald Trump is not a master of words and is alarmingly deficient in social skills. He lacks the empathy, knowledge (President of the U.S. Virgin Islands, meet the President of the United States!), and experience to effectively govern. According to CNN, as of October 17, 2017, President Trump’s approval rating holds steady. Overall, 37% of Americans approve of Trump’s presidency while 57% disapprove. Trump’s many political and personal transgressions, coupled with “make America great again” rhetoric designed to camouflage superior ideology, grant Trump’s detractors credence, but what justification can Trump’s supporters offer?

How can 37% of Americans approve of a man who consistently demonstrates ineptitude, alarmingly needles North Korea, and disrespects his fellow Americans? Seriously, how? This is not a condescending or inflammatory question. I’d sincerely  like to know what 37% of Americans find so appealing about Donald Trump. Maybe it’s “Trump Anxiety” (yes, it’s a real thing!) or the Catholic school girl in me, but knowing anybody finds Donald Trump’s ethics acceptable saddens me.

But he’s President. And 37% of Americans believe in him.

This, to me, is baffling.

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