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anne mikolay 2012 120There are a lot of good things posted on the internet, i.e. adorable puppy videos, hilarious memes, accurate news updates, and more, but every now and then certain postings boggle my mind.

This morning, I read an article about an incident that took place in 2016 at a Dollar General in Georgia. In summary, seventeen year old Senquavious Driver saw a feeble, elderly woman struggling to enter the store and readily offered assistance. Driver went the extra mile and helped the senior citizen navigate the aisles, make her purchases, and return safely to her car. Fox News reported Driver’s good deed as “extraordinary kindness”. While young Driver’s benevolence is rightfully applauded, I can’t help wondering why this is news. I’ve written enough human interest pieces to recognize the importance of sharing the best of humanity, but something isn’t right when a simple act of kindness becomes a news item. Are we such a selfish and narrow-minded society that someone simply doing the right thing is deemed extraordinary? If parents and teachers made a concentrated effort to instill neighborly kindness in children at an early age, generosity like Senquavious Driver’s would be commonplace rather than newsworthy.

No matter what you think of the man, Donald Trump is newsworthy - and baffling. On the heels of the Russian collusion debate, The New York Times released excerpts from their recent interview with the President. The transcript is lengthy and rambling in Trump’s signature style, but one red flag jumped out at me. At one point, Trump’s granddaughter entered the room, and the President described her to the Times reporters as “smart, good genes.” Coincidentally, a similar reference to the stellar Trump gene pool was posted on Facebook this morning. Admittedly, I was unfamiliar with Donald Trump’s theory that he and the Trump Dynasty possess superior DNA. A quick internet search and review of the President’s past remarks revealed he is a self-professed “gene believer”. According to him, success requires you to be born lucky with the right genes. All men are not created equal, Trump says; some are smart, some are not. Trump describes himself as a “smart person” with the “winning gene”. His assessment that all people are not equal in intelligence is correct; however, it’s pretty apparent that Trump pities the “less thans” in our society and prefers to swim in what he considers the superior gene pool.

This brave, new world in which kindness is considered unusual and intelligent people claim superiority is alarming. Pardon me if I scroll past such nonsense on the internet. Bring on the cute puppies.

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