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anne mikolay 2012 120Dear Barron,

Your father has expressed concern, and rightly so, regarding your reaction to Kathy Griffin’s recent vulgar photo clearly aimed at denigrating the President. Of course, due to negative backlash, Ms. Griffin quickly apologized, stating she “moved the line” and then “crossed it”. She admitted the image she created was too disturbing and regrets the grievous offense. There’s an old saying, Barron, “take it from whence it comes”, which simply means that all criticism is colored by the experience, opinion, and humanity - or lack thereof - of the critic. Kathy Griffin makes her living with crude jokes about celebrities and current events. She’s not exactly a considerate person, or she wouldn’t use her comedic talents so carelessly. Her humor is not satire; it’s insult. Accept her apology, Barron, and don’t give her actions another thought.

However, there’s a lesson to be learned in this unfortunate incident. Social media is a double edged sword. Be careful how you use it, Barron. Used thoughtfully, social media can shrink the world and unify humanity. Used irresponsibly, it can hurt and destroy people. Never be like Kathy Griffin. Think before you put your words out there. Think before you speak, text, tweet, etc. Whatever you say can never be taken back. An apology, like Kathy Griffin’s, goes a long way in restoring respect but can never undo the damage unleashed by insensitivity. Guard your self-expression well, Barron. Your words reflect your character. Your words are you.

Additionally, guard yourself well. As President, your father has both supporters and opponents, many of which have not yet grasped the aforementioned lesson regarding responsible expression. You will, no doubt, hear derogatory and conflicting commentary about your father and his team. Ignore it all. Do not take it upon yourself. You are not responsible for anything your father does; his words and actions reflect upon himself, not you. You are not little Donald Trump. You are your own person, a fact which may take you a lifetime to realize (as it has for most of us). Do not take current events upon your shoulders. You are eleven years old. Go play baseball, video games, watch movies. This summer, go swimming, enjoy the beach, hang out with friends. You’re only “job” at this point in your life is to be a kid. Go be one!

And for all the Kathy Griffins out there, think what you will, but leave young Barron Trump and his mother, Melania, out of it. Neither asked for this harsh spotlight. If you must criticize publicly, put personal sentiment aside and do so constructively. Know that everything you say will affect young Barron Trump for the rest of his life. Do you want that responsibility?

One more thing, Barron: not all your father’s detractors are as callous as Kathy Griffin. If they were, Griffin would never have been backed into a corner, forced to apologize. Remember, Barron...take it from whence it comes.

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